During the first year, incoming residents are assigned to a mentorship “family” with a faculty leader, often with shared clinical interests, as well as residents from all levels to act like “big sibs”, especially during the intern year as new residents adjust to training and living in St. Louis. The mentors and residents get together a number of times through (at least) the first two years of training to ensure support and appropriate progress through training. In addition, all residents are assigned to Associate Program Director (APD) “teams” to then facilitate one-on-one semi-annual meetings to discuss the resident’s written evaluations, review career plans, and address specific problems, if any, as needed.

Residents also meet with the Program Director, Dr. Paul Wise, both one-on-one as well as during weekly PGY class meetings to discuss any issues with training or on rotations. Residents all meet with Dr. Ryan Fields as their guide through research and grant planning soon after they start to initiate plans for their “lab” time and professional research development. Frequently, the residents’ lab mentor(s) end up being personal guides and mentors through their professional development and residency training both during residency and beyond. Dr. John Olson, Bixby Professor and Chairman of the Department of Surgery, is always available to the residents for career advising and planning.

Resident PGY Level Meetings:

Every Wednesday morning, Dr. Wise meets with a different PGY class in an informal setting with breakfast served. This relaxed forum gives him and the residents an opportunity to discuss how things on their respective services are going and keeps him abreast of any issues that may currently be arising.