The WashU General Surgery Residency Program invites applicants to learn about our program from residents, department leadership and faculty. We will not be hosting any live pre-application open houses for the Match 2024 season, but we invite applicants to review recordings from our previous virtual open houses, which are included below.

Lessons from the 2021 Virtual Interview Season

Virtual-only interviewing was new to the 2020-2021 residency recruitment season and added new, unprecedented stresses to what was already a stressful experience for applicants and programs alike. Join us for a virtual town hall session with some of our current interns (who survived the experience) and our faculty who participated in virtual recruitment to gain valuable lessons and an insight into the process as we plan virtual interviews again for the 2021-2022 season.

Living in St. Louis

Whether you’re familiar with St. Louis, or all you know is a big Arch, StL has a lot to offer! Great food, outdoor activities and affordable living are just a few reasons our residents love St. Louis. Hear about living and working in the Gateway City.

Subspecialties & Flexibility in Surgical Training

Few programs offer the flexibility in training, early specialization, fast-tracking and complex operative experience found at WashU. Hear about getting all the training you need under one roof, with exposure to community, VA and international opportunities.

Looking for more? Check out our virtual open houses from the 2020 Recruitment Season below.

Subspecialties and Flexibility in Surgical Training

Academic and Research Opportunities