Please check back soon for information about the application review process and interviews for the Match 2025 season.

A note about the application review process for the 2024 Match:

We appreciate that the application process for residency programs across specialties, and for general surgery in particular, has become increasingly competitive, with record numbers of applications being submitted year over year. We aim to be as transparent about the process as possible, but we ask in return that those not interested in training with us at WashU/BJH who are offered an interview consider canceling (well ahead of time!) so that it might be offered to someone truly interested. We understand that there is a lot that goes into the application process and reasons for choosing a training program, so we don’t take the cancellations personally. But the person who gets that interview spot will be very appreciative, and so will we!

  • We approach our application reviews holistically. Applications are reviewed regardless of USMLE scores (but passing on the first attempt is required for consideration). All applications undergo reviews by at least two committee members to determine “fit” for WashU. Based on the initial committee scores, top-scored applications receive at least one additional review to determine the final list.
    • NEW FOR THE 2024 Match! We are one of many residency programs asking applicants to complete the SurgSJT, a scenario-based assessment to help us learn more about you. The SurgSJT has been rigorously developed to evaluate key competencies and attributes valued in surgery residency, and aligns with our goal to conduct a more holistic and equitable selection process (click here to learn more about how it was developed). Your completion of SurgSJT at this time is optional.  A request is being sent randomly to approximately 30% of our categorical applicants in an IRB-reviewed assessment of the SurgSJT methodology to assist us with holistic application review.  Our application review committee will not receive any information regarding applicants’ participation in, or responses to, the SurgSJT assessment until AFTER interview invitations are determined. That said, if you received the invitation, we hope that you will choose to participate and help us improve our understanding of alternative approaches to application review in this age of voluminous information and burgeoning application numbers.
    • For the 2023 Match, faculty performed a holistic review of over 1300 categorical MD, DO, and IMG applications (for 9 spots) in the first pass. From there, over 450 applications received a third review to determine the final invitation list. We will provide updated numbers for the 2024 Match when interview invitations have been issued for all tracks (categorical and preliminary).
  • Signals are used to screen-in, not screen-out, applications (i.e., we use signals to help us identify applicants interested in our program). All signaled applications receive at least 3 reviews, regardless of their initial round 1 review score. A signal is not required to get an interview. In Match 2023, the ERAS Supplemental Application and WashU General Surgery Secondary App were used as adjuncts to, not replacements for, the full ERAS application.
  • We follow APDS recommendations to send the same number of initial invitations as we have interview slots. For the 2024 Match cycles, there are 96 interview slots available over 4 dates, with morning and afternoon options on each date. This was also true for the 2023 Match. Applicants will have 48 hours to accept/reply to an interview invitation. After 48 hours with no response, that interview slot will be offered to someone on the waitlist.
  • Since moving to virtual interviews, we have seen a steep decrease in the number of cancellations we have received for interview days (<5%). For that reason, for Match 2023, we sent only a handful of waitlist invitations. If you end up on our waitlist, we will contact you about those opportunities – please don’t contact us about your position on the list, likelihood to get invited, etc.
  • As we did last year, we will offer in-person campus visit opportunities in February, AFTER our final rank list meeting has been held.

We exclusively utilize ERAS® (Electronic Residency Application Service for the application process. Paper applications will not be accepted.

Please contact your medical school of graduation for ERAS® information and application instructions. International medical graduates (IMGs) should contact your local Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates (ECFMG) office for more information on ERAS®.

The Selection Committee for our training program is committed to a holistic review process, taking into consideration the whole applicant with the goal of assessing the value they would contribute to learning, practice, and teaching at our institution.

To facilitate our holistic review, applications must consist of all ERAS® materials and the following REQUIRED documents:

  • Medical Student Performance Evaluation (Dean’s Letter)
  • Medical School Transcripts
  • Three letters of recommendation from American Board of Surgery-certified surgeons who are familiar with your work
  • USMLE Transcript*
  • Personal Statement
  • WUSM General Surgery Secondary Application**

*Step 1 scores must be included in your application; Step 2 CK scores are not required for your application to be reviewed, but applications with Step 2 CK scores will be prioritized and are therefore strongly recommended to be included at the time you submit your application.

**All applicants who apply to our program in ERAS by the October 6th Deadline will be sent directions on how to submit the WUSM General Surgery Secondary Application. In order to be considered for a Categorical position in the 2024 Match, all applicants MUST complete the WUSM General Surgery Secondary Application. The secondary application is OPTIONAL for those who completed the ERAS Supplemental Application. The secondary application is intended to help us better understand your training and career goals and interests, as well as your interest in our program specifically. Additional information about the WUSM General Surgery Secondary Application can be found on our Application FAQ page.

At this time, we cannot guarantee that incomplete applications and applications submitted after the deadline will be reviewed. After the Selection Committee has reviewed your completed file, and if you are offered an interview, you will be contacted by e-mail to select a date for your interview. Please be sure to include your e-mail address as part of your ERAS® application.

If you have any questions regarding our General Surgery Residency Program, please do not hesitate to email us at