Raphael Sun, MD

Hometown: Alexandria, Virginia

Undergraduate: Brigham Young University

Medical School: Virginia Commonwealth University School of Medicine

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Honors and Awards

2012-2014:  Foundation Research Fellowship Award, Association for Academic Surgery

2012: SVS Travel Scholarship, Society for Vascular Surgery

2000: Eagle Scouts, Boy Scouts of America

Selected Publications


Oct 2014
American Academy of Pediatrics
San Diego, Ca.

  • Both Epidermal Growth Factor and Insulin-like Growth Factor Receptors Are Dispensable for Structural Adaptation after Massive Small Bowel Resection
Jan 2014
Academic Surgical Congress
San Diego,CA.

  • Enhancing villus growth via regulation of Rb and IGF 
Oct 2013
American Academy of Pediatrics
Orlando, Fl.
  • Insulin-like growth factor 2 and its enterocyte receptor are not required for adaptation in response to massive small bowel resection
May 2012
Resident Research Day
Iowa City, IA.
  • Risk factors, hospital cost, and complications associated with transfusion in pancreatectomy
Nov 2010
Resident Research Postgraduate Conference
Iowa City, IA.
  • Pediatric Cervical Spine Clearance at UIHC


Poster Presentation 
May 2014
Digestive Disease Week -SSAT
Chicago, IL
  • High protein diet (HPD) improves post-operative weight gain after massive small bowel resection
Poster Presentation 
October 2012
American College of Surgeons
Chicago, IL
  • A pediatric cervical spine clearance protocol to reduce radiation exposure in children
Poster Presentation 
May 2012
Digestive Disease Week-SSAT
San Diego, CA.
  • Risk factors, hospital cost, and complications associated with transfusion in elective pancreatectomy
Poster Presentation
Sep 2011
Midwestern Vascular Conference
  • Sac Hygromas-Is there a genetic component?
Poster Participation
Feb 2010
Society of University Surgeons
San Antonio, TX.
  • Care for the Isolation Patient: Not Enough?
Poster Presentation
Oct 2007
Eastern Virginia Medical School
Norfolk, VA.
  • Shock and Reperfusion Injury: Comparative analysis of Ethyl Pyruvate in Traditional Crystalloids versus Hypertonic Saline
Poster Participation
Jan 2006
Peripheral Vascular Surgery Society
  • Carotid Endarterectomy in Mainland China


Imaging for Surgical Disease, 1st edition- editor/author


Essential Operative Technique and Anatomy 4th Edition
  • Pediatric Inguinal Hernia Repair
  • Pediatric Umbilical hernia Repair
  • Pediatric Exploratory Laparotomy
SAGES Fundamentals Vol.I, Fundamentals of Minimally Invasive Surgery, 3rd Edition
  •   Flexible Endoscopy: Principles of Documentation
Operative Dictations in General and Vascular Surgery, 2nd Edition
  • Celiac and SMA Stenting