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Bradley Krasnick, MD

Hometown: Franklin, Michigan

Undergraduate: University of Michigan

Medical School: Wayne State University School of Medicine

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Selected Publications

Poster Presentations

Salem, M., Kaufman, M., Stanski, N., Dyson, G., Krasnick, B., Choi, M., Hawk, M., El-Rayes, B., Phillip, P. (2013). Clinico-pathological Characteristics of Younger, Middle Aged, and Older Patients with Colon Cancer. Poster presented at: European Cancer  Congress; Amsterdam,  Netherlands.

Krasnick, B., Arbabi, C., Nathanson, D., Chitale, D. (2013). Relationship amongst Sentinel Lymph Node Pressure, Volume, and Breast Cancer Tumor Size. Poster presented at: San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium; San Antonio, TX.

Kaufman, M., Tiesma, D., Farley, N., Wilson, M., Krasnick, B., Graves, J., Kropinski, A., Kreipke, C. (2012). The Effect of Clazosentan on Cerebral Blood Flow and Behavior After Traumatic Brain Injury. Poster presented at: American Academy of Neurology; New Orleans, LA.

Kropinski, A., Graves, J., Betrus, C., Raza, W., Wilson, Farley, N., Krasnick, B., Armstead,  W., Kuhn, D., Kreipke, C. (2012). Endothelin A Receptor Antagonism in Traumatic Brain Injury Leads to Improvement of both Histopathologic as well as Behavioral Outcome. Poster presented at: 45th Annual Winter Conference on Brain Research; Snowbird, UT.

Tiesma, D., Kaufman, M., Krasnick, B., Wilson, M., Farley, N., Raza, W., Graves, J., Kropinski, A., Kreipke, C.. (2012). Evaluating the Clinical Efficacy of Clazosentan, a Novel Therapy for Traumatic Brain Injury. Poster presented at: Medical Student Research Symposium,  Wayne State University School of Medicine; Detroit, Ml.

Oral Presentation

Krasnick, B., Kohlenberg, M., McGrath, E. (2012). Pediatric Patient with Kikuchi Fujimotos. Oral Presentation presented at: Infectious Disease Combined Grand Rounds-Children's Hospital of Michigan; Detroit, Ml.