Bola Aladegbami

Bola Aladegbami, MD

Hometown: Lagos, Nigeria

Undergraduate: CUNY Brooklyn College

Medical School: Stony Brook University School of Medicine

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Selected Publications

Poster Sessions

Aladegbami B, Lee E, ViaL, Safi H, Helb D, ParkS, Lee H, Cho S, Barry C Ill, Alland D and Chakravorty S. (2008, February). Detection of rpoB and gyrA mutations inducing resistance using Sloppy Molecular Beacons.. Poster presented at: ASM Biodefense and Emerging Diseases Research Meeting; Baltimore, MD.

Oral Presentations

Aladegbami B. (2007, October). Detection of rifampin and fluoroquinolone resistance inducing mutations by using the Tm shift of Sloppy Molecular Beacons. Oral Presentation presented at: Northeast Biodefense Center research conference; West Point, NY.

Aladegbami B. (2006, April). Inhibition of Dihydrofolate reductase from Mycobacterium tuberculosis by isoniazid adduct of NADP.. Oral Presentation presented at: American Chemical Society undergraduate research symposium; Queens, NY.